Alright, let's talk about affiliate programs.

Affiliates are people who help promote your course for a certain percentage of a sale or an incoming lead.

Of course, the affiliate percentage can vary up to very large amounts, but, at the start, this is quite acceptable, and over time, you will be able to set certain desired criteria and work on the quality of the incoming target audience.

How to set up an affiliate program so that it really makes a profit?


  1. First you need to sit down and calculate everything. The better you show your partner his benefits, the more likely that he will agree to work with you.
  2. If possible, organize a personal account for each of the partners on your website so that the statistics are as transparent and easy to calculate as possible.
  3. Offer to help design the link. It is unlikely that a partner will additionally hire a designer to draw a banner advertising your product. 
  4. Analyze the prices of affiliate programs in your niche and offer a slightly higher percentage to emphasize the benefits of working with you.
  5. Look for potential partners posting detailed information through search engines, perhaps, right now they are looking for an offer like yours. Fortunately, one of our best projects is an E-Learning that always offers diverse professional courses and has an open for new instructors, get close and click to