Coca-cola and Microsoft are huge companies that manage multiple websites and the main reasons are quite simple:


Regardless of the type of products or services the company might offer, the target audience could be vastly different when it manages sales, information and training. So, separating them could improve the reception and measure visits in comparison to starting, in progress and closed negotiations.

Search Rank

Improving the SEO to catch more attention with a new website, new name, taking advantage of marketing strategy that finally connects to the first one in which the business can take place directly to the right person.

Product or Service Lines

Avoid confusion when new customers have met the offer but when visiting firstly the site, face the multiple choices and get stunned by them. One site exclusively dedicated to one service would also increase the number of visitors because it will simplify the process: reduced number of clicks, they go straight to the point and everything is ready to go.

Undoubtedly, the most important is to increase the incomes by simplifying the approach for clients. Even when it would be totally OK to duplicate content (like coca-cola pages, for instance) not all the visitors have the time to learn how to use the website for purchasing, neither have the intention to buy immediately.


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It makes more sense when the owners check the main list of Website Types and compare to those known closely:

  • Advertising Websites

These are created solely for advertising and promotional purposes. Such sites are not directly involved in sale, their task is to convey advertising information to the target audience, typically using a big amount of graphics and animations to attract customers to the site with gaming and entertainment methods.

  • Merchant Websites

Such sites are characterized by the presence of descriptive advertising material for goods or services, a catalog of these offerings, information about the seller, as well as contact information. Sometimes they include the convenience of ordering and combined with promotions, can make it attractive to third-party advertisers.

  • Altruists Websites

Information websites, or sites that provide some free services, also need to be maintained, developed, and therefore invested in. But even this kind of project can get profit, either from advertising or collecting statistics. Often, there is a request for registration to be a common user of a site like this in order for them to receive a small additional service, which allows the admin to collect a plus of information that returns a lot of advertising.

  • Support Websites

This is a customer support office. They normally post news, updates about softwares usage, and other internet resources, that are to a certain extent, advertising for a company, product, etc.

  • Website - Office with many departments

In general, for the successful operation of the site, it is necessary that it performs several tasks at the same time. Moreover, all these departments successfully interact with each other. This requires effective advertising and an easy-to-remember address. Consultation on these and other issues can be obtained by phone or email.

In we have the perfect example of a young entrepreneur who decided to dream big investing in more than one channel of connectivity for her customers: