If a serious company owner see this question arises, is a website really necessary? Then the answer goes this way:

At present, given the exponential growth in the popularity of the Internet, the question should be formulated "why I still do not have a website and how soon I will have one?".

It is much easier to have a website than it is to create a business or company with its own brand name, because competitors are already there on the Internet, so it's more difficult for them to build their companies quickly enough to match up with experienced business people or even come close to matching your position in the market place today!

What exactly are the main advantages of sites? 

Let's take a look at the top 5 reasons and benefits why your business should have a website:

1·Attracting an audience of millions

The presence of an Internet resource makes it possible to develop a business outside your geographic location and get new customers not only in your region, but in case it is wanted, then outside it. The Internet has a global reach that any organization can take advantage of at no additional cost. It's never necessary to spend big money advertising your business in new markets, one site can do it in most countries of the world.

2·Your customers can easily contact you.

Through the site, customers can contact by email 24 hours a day. It can attract new customers or sell products while we sleep. Imagine waking up every morning and your inbox is full of customer requests or orders. Also, the presence of an Internet resource makes it possible to quickly and cost-effectively respond to customer requests than telephone or regular mail.

3·Instant update of company information.

With a content management system integrated into your website, you can update your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without spending time and money updating your brochure. You can instantly change prices, update contact details, or even completely change the content of your site at any time.

4·Instant availability of the product catalog

An electronic catalog of your goods and services in every home is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your products are exhibited around the clock and around the world. Interest the client or buyer, regardless of the time of day. The buyer will no longer have to wait until a store or office opens or an exhibition of your goods or services takes place in his city.

5·Because your competitors have it

Your competitors' product may be worse or more expensive than yours, but more popular just because they have an online resource. You are losing potential customers by not advertising your product on the Internet.



Before anyone who decides to make money through the development of their own web resource, the question always arises: start developing a resource from scratch or purchase an existing Internet project that has more or less decent success?

Purchasing a pre-built website is quite a profitable step, but there are still many more advantages to creating a new resource. Of course, the owner of a startup will have many difficulties, but a website from scratch is still a more interesting solution, and for many reasons at once.

Let's look at why acquiring an existing web resource is worse than creating a new Internet project (website from scratch)

  • Design from scratch to suit your needs and your corporate style;
  • The need to check the liquidity of a web resource when buying. Having looked at a website suitable for purchase, a person will have to spend a fairly large amount of time and effort on checking its various indicators. This includes checking real attendance, the absence of filters imposed by search engines, etc. In addition, before buying, you will need to make sure that the reputation of the resource has not been damaged by any illegal actions of its owners. Thus, checking web resources suitable for purchase can take a long time, especially if you have to choose between several, at first glance, worthy options;
  • Functionality. Each webmaster requires a completely different functionality of the engine of his resource. However, when purchasing a ready-made project, the owner will have to put up with the functionality laid down by the creators of this resource during development. Of course, the new owner can make any changes to the site management system or install another engine, but he will still have to pay for the existing functionality;
  • Permanent audience. When buying an existing resource, the new owner also receives a permanent audience for this project. However, this seemingly advantage can later become a serious problem. Firstly, the regulars of the resource may react negatively to the change in the administration of their favorite portal. And secondly, the permanent audience of the resource may consist of users who are not too serious about the norms of behavior on the Web. Thus, to protect the project from the actions of disgruntled or ill-mannered users, a moderator will be required, who will have to pay, since not every Internet businessman can afford to do this work on his own.

Thus, buying a ready-made site has its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with the creation and development of a site from scratch. The choice is yours, ladies and gentlemen!

Having dealt with the concept, let's now discuss what are the main advantages of such sites.

  • An online store does not require large maintenance and creation costs . All that is required for its owner is to try to create a virtual site on his own or order a virtual site from professionals. Unlike ordinary stores that require serious investments in the form of rent for retail space and communal apartments, online stores require only occasional help from programmers and SEO specialists.
  • Customers can save money and owners can increase turnover . Everyone knows that the costs of online stores are much lower, respectively, and the price of the goods is also less than that of competitors. According to statistics over the past 10 years, the volume of online commerce is growing at an average of 15% annually.
  • You do not need to leave your home to buy, and the store itself can be located in a completely different country and sell rare or exclusive goods. Any client, especially a busy one, will be happy when he does not have to waste his precious time on empty shopping trips, but gets everything he needs at any time and in any convenient place. Many goods are simply not imported into countries, but their shipment can be easily arranged by mail.
  • The client of the online store has the opportunity to compare any products from the catalog, as well as read customer reviews and make their choice based on them. It is very convenient, and most importantly - impossible in a regular store.

Agree that online trading has a lot of advantages, and therefore it is a sin not to use it.

In conclusion, establishing a presence on the World Wide Web can be beneficial to all businesses in two ways: it may give a competitive advantage over competitors by increasing brand awareness and visibility; it may also help set a personal reputation that might translate into incomes later down the line, as well as improve your search engine rankings and therefore drive up traffic to your site, making it easier to attract potential customers who would otherwise never come across your business.