Increase Your Brand's


With Digital Marketing

Increase Your Brand's


With Digital Marketing

Your virtual 360 interactive business

SMARTKETING GROUP is a virtual boutique agency specialized in creating your turnkey virtual office and/or business, and developing virtual experiences for brands. With our team of developers we have created from a web page to applications and platforms for virtual events in 2 and 3D.

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Smartketing Services

Web Design

Smartketing’s outstands in developing custom web pages where you project your image and you can have all the interaction that your business needs. Our experience ranges from creating WordPress business pages to creating E-commerce, Virtual Directories, Marketplace, E-learnings and Business Websites. The plus of our agency is that we are bilingual and that gives you access to a larger market, likewise we give you a page with BASIC SEO, and Integrated Google My Business.

Apps Design

We provide the most convenient environment with a stunnigly perfect User Experience. An entire user journey from the initially displayed screens to the completion of the targeted actions, of which may be several in your application. Adaptive versions for IOS and Android are available as well as the guarantee of the loyalty with every update. All these features include the monthly analysis of visits, downloads, reviews and more options to follow-up the app success progress.

3D Virtual Fair

This multi-user virtual world has become truly popular in the business field. It is an adaptable modular technology that makes it possible to obtain a high degree of realism: lighting, cast shadow, collision detection, animation and 3D objects that can be customized. All the participants, who are represented by avatars, can interact with each other while they enjoy different stands, stores, videos, files, audios, links and chats; allowing you to establish human and business relationships with every single advantage offered by the real-time online contact.

2.5D Images

These pseudo-three-dimentionality sites are built to use high quality images and videos with no 3D objects but showcasing buttons, blocks, tabs, windows and fonts with movements that display motions simulating depth between the elements and the background. It therefore follows that if this “displacement effect” can be simulated by digital image processing, a photo suddenly becomes a film-like image which can be added strategically to your app or page creating a unique live-scene experience.


Professional Developers

Committed to your Project, with experience in creative designs of all sizes, considering your business, services and niche.

We Take Care of Your Image

At smartketingroup we take on each project as if it were our own and we always see ourselves beyond what the client tells us.

Integration to Google

We create your google analytics and google my business so we make sure that you can measure and create traffic to your website.

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