The most in-demand profession of the 21st century.

Marketplaces dominate online trading in America, and are gradually gaining a leading position in the East. In 2020 alone, sales increased several times, and in 2021 this growth continues at an accelerated pace. Not only big brands cooperate with online platforms, but also small suppliers, individual entrepreneurs, and on some sites even self-employed people.

Naturally, this monstrous economic machine with almost infinite growth potential must be maintained by someone. Therefore, it is not surprising that the labor market was flooded with new highly paid vacancies, which gave rise to legitimate questions: who is a marketplace manager, and what does such a specialist do?

When a store connects to an online platform, it immediately has many new problems. To start trading, you need to prepare beautiful and informative product cards for each item, and set prices. You need to set price tags not according to your own standard, but taking into account competition - but in such a way as to make a profit. Deliveries need to be controlled to some extent on their own, even if the marketplace itself handles the delivery and storage of products. When the rules change on the site, you must immediately throw all your resources into adaptation. And so on and so forth...

Maintaining an account, correcting errors and regulating problematic situations with contacting the technical support of the marketplace depends on the needs of the customer, the manager can also conduct advertising campaigns, design a showcase or draw up extended reporting. If a specialist works remotely, he may be asked to help with other tasks, such as product labeling.

Source of permanent income but… If you are a marketplace manager, the question “how to find a job” is not for you. By the end of 2021, there are already almost 3,000 hot vacancies on H.R., and among the positions with the indicated income, about 75% are with a salary near to $700 or more.

In general, the prospects for making money on marketplace management look like this:

Multi-vendor service (medium and small business). Often, managers take clients on the same trading platform for convenience, but there are also multidisciplinary specialists who monitor the situation on several marketplaces at the same time. ·Depending on the degree of loading, you can earn $800-1500 per month. This is not the limit, and there are always multitaskers who break through this threshold - but with a healthy balance of work and leisure, this is usually the case.

Servicing one client with a full load. If the seller has so many tasks that it takes a whole day to work with him, then the manager will receive more. Salaries start from $400-650 per month, but can reach $2000 - it all depends on the scale of the project and the role of the manager in increasing turnover. For many professionals, this format is preferable because you can immerse yourself in the project with your head instead of constantly switching.

Single client service with management. Experienced marketplace managers who have shown themselves well on other projects are willingly hired by large companies for leadership positions. The manager is responsible for the full cycle of product development and development, chooses directions for the customer's growth, supervises the work of other specialists and works closely with the team. Salaries here start from $1300, and with all the bonuses and rewards for the sale it goes up to $4-5 thousand per month - that is, everything is like that of talented "salespeople" in other areas, only the competition is much lower.

Serving a Single Client with Partial Load(part-time work). When you already have all the skills and knowledge, working with a small seller account on the marketplace turns into a trivial task that takes 2 hours a day at most. If you do not have time for a full-time job, you can serve 1-2 clients per day and get $250-500 thousand per month for this.

Due to the shortage of strong specialists, the threshold for entering the profession is now extremely low: it is enough to undergo training in working with marketplaces in order to start offering services at the full market price. If you study at sites with a high reputation, then you will earn the first money from management during your studies.